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As a lesbian scientist I believe that lesbian, bisexual and queer female scientists need more visibility. There needs to be greater visibility of these professionals in the LGBQTI media and websites. Rarely do you read of lesbian scientists even more rarely of bisexual and transgendered scientists. If an increased visibility can encourage or positively affirm being a scientist as a career for young person of these sexualities it is a wonderful achievement.


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From the OSTEM entry in the Partnering for Excellence: Innovations in Science + Technology + Engineering + Math (STEM) Education  competition.

 “Out in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (oSTEM), is a national student society that educates and develops lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and allied (LGBTQA) youth across the United States. Altogether, the oSTEM society is a sustainable infrastructure that creates co-curricular STEM opportunities at public and private universities across the country. As oSTEM grows, we plan to bring our programs to high schools and community centers. We provide students with resources, professional opportunities, and mentorships, and the national board encourages each chapter to focus on developing their local STEM communities. The growth of oSTEM depends on the national board and student leaders throughout the country. Everyone is welcome to participate and benefit from oSTEM.”

What a great organistation. There should be an organisation such as this in Australia.

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There is going to be an online discussion (via Twitter) about how to best engage students, particularly our highest-need students, in rich STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)


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I would like to establish myself as Lesbian Science & Medical writer. I would like to carve out a niche for myself. I would relish communicating about science, medicine, health and research to a lesbian audience. I would love to have the opportunity to enlighten and inspire young lesbian/bisexual/queer or transgendered women to be interested in science.

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While surfing the net for information on science writing and medical writing agencies & reading science blogs such those from Scientific American, I see successful female science and medical writers and I think “I want to be like them!!” I want to write for a respected science magazine. I would like to make my own mark on the world of science communication. I would love to inspire other young female science writers. A dream of mine is to be either a freelance science, medical and health writer contributing to various science and health magazines and websites or to be writer working with a research organization. I am a former medical research student and I am very passionate about communicating about the essential nature of research and the key
discoveries and disease breakthroughs research has provided the modern world. With training, avid writing and perseverance I can hopefully one day achieve my dream

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Judith French

Ohio State University


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