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As a lesbian scientist born, raised and living in Australia I wish to learn more about the stories and lives of other lesbian, bisexual, queer and transgendered women in the field of science of Australia.


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How many female scientists that identify as lesbian, bisexual, queer or transgendered in Australia. I am one. One of my fellow lab members when I was a postgrad research student, and a good friend was out and proud along with her girlfriend who was also a medical researcher. There was also another researcher in the same school was an out and proud lesbian. I would like to the figures and know their stories.

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I am a proud woman, lesbian and scientist. I think it’s about time us gay lady scientists raised our collective voices and told the stories of our lives! If you want to share, please add your comments.

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Some people may wonder why I am discussing this topic. Perhaps feminists or gay activists or just people surfing the net. Some may wonder why I am even raising this issue when there is a more accepting, equal, anti-discriminatory climate in 2011. Some feminists and gay activists may question why I am distinguishing lesbians in the scientific field when gender and sexuality shouldn’t matter.

I am an empowered woman, a feminist, a lesbian and scientist. While studying science both as an undergrad and postgrad, I didn’t face any prejudices or discrimination (that I was aware of) because I was a female. I only came out in the later years of my masters, but even then I didn’t experience any negative issues. If anything, the people I told (friends, colleagues, my supervisor) were positive about it and didn’t make much of a fuss at all.

I’m not solely protesting the lack of women in science, or the lack of visibility of female scientists or the lack of visibility of lesbian scientists. I believe these are important issues and I strongly believe in encouraging greater visibility of female scientists and greater encouragement for young women to pursue careers in science. 

I am simply addressing a topic that is interesting to me. I am intrigued as to how many women in science identify as lesbian or bisexual (or queer for that matter too). And I want to know more about their experiences, their stories, their contributions and achievements in their chosen fields. I’m curious to see how many women have had positive experiences and have found that their gender and their sexuality hasn’t been an issue. We hear about scientists (that are women) and their achievements. But I have the opinion that there should be more promotion and positive images of female scientists in the media.

As a young woman I was inspired by stong female scientists (on TV and in books) to pursue a career in science. Positive representation of women in science is a great thing. And I wonder how many young lesbian / bi / queer / trans women out there who have an interest in science would be encouraged to pursue their dreams if they see other queer women that have done this. Maybe there is a need for lesbian scientist role models? I think there is! And discussing these issues is an initial step.

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I was doing some research via google and I found another blog discussing lesbians in science.

Naked Under My Lab Coat – http://joolya.blogspot.com/2006_10_01_archive.html

There are other people out there wondering about lesbians in science. Interesting!

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I have been reading the website of the National Organisation for Gay & Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals (NOGLSTP) and found this article very interesting.

I have a passion for history and the stories of people from different eras (especially the 1940’s & 50’s and the 18th & early 19th century) and along with my interest in the lives and careers of queer scientists I was enthralled.

If you are interested in the lives, stories and accomplishments of queer scientists, check out this page by NOGLSTP – http://www.noglstp.org/?page_id=13

With advances in gay rights, anti-discrimination and acceptance of individuals of all sexual persuasions, and the opportunities to tell your story over the web, in years to the stories of queer scientists of the 21st century will surely be well-known!

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As a microbiologist and a lady in love with another lady I am intrigued as to how many other lesbian / queer / gay microbiologists there are out there. 

I would be very interested in hearing your stories and also what field of microbiology you have specialised in.

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