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As an original and retro styled pin-up girl fan and a scientist, I think it would great to have scientist pin-up girls. Empowered, intelligent, lady scientists with retro styled fashion and make-up. Oh, red lipstick would look a treat with a crisp white lab coat and funky sneakers! As a sex positive feminist, lesbian and an empowered woman who is proud of her female and lesbian sexuality and her intellect and scientific abilities, I think this would be so fun, empowering and a chance to express science and sexuality. I’d promote this and join in. Maybe this would also help get a lesbian audience interested in science and the achievements of female scientists, all but in a kind of around about way. Bring on the retro styled lady scientist pin-ups!


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I think the answer is definately YES!! She is very smart, analytical, strong, sassy, someone who follows an alternative lifestyle and interests and holds her own amongst the men of the unit. I personally think she is an excellent positive image of alternative, individual, scientific, technologically minded people. As an alternative girl with a gothic past i find her very cool. What do you think?

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