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Yesterday as I went for a walk around my work during my lunch break I observed a male Australian Bush Turkey, Alectura lathami, digging in the middle of a large nesting mound which was over 50cm high. The bird’s head was deep in the mount picking at twigs and leaves. It raised its head every ten or so seconds to look around. Leaves and twigs were scratched from the mount with its clawed feet.

On Monday afternoon as I left for the day I also made a similar observation of a Bush Turkey digging in a nesting mound.

Both nesting mounds are within 100m from my building.

I have frequently observed Bush Turkeys walking around the grounds, scratching in flower beds and perching in trees.

When I was a kid, living in a country town amongst rainforest, Bush Turkeys were a commonly seen bird. But I still find it unusual to find what I thought was a more rainforest inhabiting bird, in the middle of the city and in quite large numbers.




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