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Moorhen chicks and their parents foraging near the lake edge at my work (a large state university in Queensland, Australia)   



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Over the last few weeks I have had the wonderful opportunity to observe three Moorhen (genus Gallinulachicks as they have grown. When I first saw the three chicks they were very small and downy, with small underdeveloped wings. Almost everyday as I had my lunch break by the lake, I could hear the chicks squawking and observe them progress through not being able to feed themselves to feeding themselves, timidly approaching and getting into the water, and recently feeding alongside their parents on the grassy lake bank. The chicks have grown so much and seem to be comfortable with people around them. Hopefully over the coming weeks I can observe them grow further and develop their adult plumage.

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A photo of a group of three Guinea Fowl who roam the grounds of the large state university I work for.


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Spotting on my morning walk to work –

  • A family of Swamp Hens making a nest on a lake bank, foraging for food and feeding a young chick whose wings were still very small
  • An Australian Water Dragon basking in a flower bed near a lake bank
  • 2015/01/img_2269.jpg





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    I observed an Oriental Darter two mornings in a row in late September.





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    Yesterday on my lunch break I took a walk past the lakes at the university I work at. It was a glorious day and the sun was rather warm. I walked across a small wooden bridge and looked down at the murky water beneath. I was thrilled to not only spot one, but two other turtles, and about three eels swimming past. The animals became more visible as they passed from the darkened waters beneath my shadow into the sunlit water. I observed one particular turtle that surfaced beneath my shadow and poked its head out of the water (with eyes clearly visible) as if looking at me – maybe the turtle thought I was going to throw some food in. I also observed two turtles swimming together. The eels as they swam past moved gracefully. They are fascinating animals I thought.

    Further on my walk to the other side of the lake, I observed a Little Pied Cormorant perched on a tree branch over hanging the lake and also later one in the water (it may have been the same individual that I observed). And I was also lucky to observed and photograph what I think was an Oriental Darter (due to the bird’s long neck) perched on a submerged branch/log. I watch the bird clean its feather with its bill and then open its beak and squark. This was the first time I had heard an Oriental Darter make a sound.

    And along with these animals, I observed a myriad of water birds (Moorhens, Swamphens, White Ibis and duck) on or around the lakes.

    What an awesome way to spend your lunch break – observing wildlife!









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    Last friday morning while walking to work, I observed a flock of Little Black Cormorants flying, landing on the waters of the lake, and ducking and diving to find found. I counted approximately twenty birds. I have previously observed a flock of Little Black Cormorants on and around the lake area, and I wondered if this is the same flock.



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