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Last night, on my way from work to watching my girl play beach volleyball, I stopped to watch the Space Shuttle pass over for one of the last times. My parents had called me about it and mentioned that I had watched the shuttle fly over for the first time when I was a little girl. My mum even said that I had asked “Is it going to land at the coast?” So I pulled over and parked by the local train station, commuters rushing past me, and I looked up into the darkening sky for a light in the west. Then I saw it! A bright light moving relatively slowly across the sky. It looked like a plane, but there were no flashing lights and it appeared to move differently to a plane. And so I saw it! a piece of history in the making. I can tell my children one day about it. Science nerd? Yes!

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I’m a red lipstick wearing, pin-up girl loving alternative feminist, scientist and writer. I’m out and proud about my sexuality. I am engaged to my wonderful girlfriend of fours years. I love pin-up girls of the 1940’s & 1950’s, particularly the alluring mixture of beauty, subtle sexuality, femininity and confidence. I also admire burlesque (including retro style burlesque) and the Rockabilly culture. I like also the fashion and style of the 40’s & 50’s along with alternative fashion. I’m also a feminist who stands for many ideals including – equal rights, human & civil rights, animal rights, socialism, environmentalism & conservation, social justice, acceptance of all people, the end of war and violence and encouragement of scientific, health & medical research. Professionally I am a scientist and former research student (in medical/health research) and I aspire to become a fully fledged science, health and medical writer. My dream is to write about science for a female audience and specifically a lesbian/bisexual/queer/transgendered audience. In this blog I wish to explore being a lesbian scientist along with my other diverse interests.

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Although I am a trained scientist and a former research student, I work in administration in a calibration lab. In Australia this field is known as Measurement Science and Technology – the science of testing and adjusting an instrument to ensure it is measuring correctly and determining the level of error for these measurements. My company has a number of branches around he country and all admin staff are women. And I find it quiet interesting communicating with other calibration company’s female admin staff also. But even more inspiring was finding out about other women with technical and quality control positions. I think it is fantastic that women hold and are taking on technical roles in a male dominated field. I used to say to my former boss that we should get more female technicians. I was even tempted to get to know the process. With a growing requirement for NATA accredited laboratories to test customer’s instruments, a change in ratios of women to men in these fields and the subsequent changing of attitudes I think this is all very encouraging.

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As a reader of lesbian magazines, websites and blogs I don’t see many, if any, articles by science journalists or writers. Why isn’t there coverage of science in the lesbian press? Is it because it is seen as being boring or nerdy? Or is it just because the readership would not be interested? I am of the opinion that this should change. After all scientific discovery has contributed a significant amount to modern society.

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There is going to be an online discussion (via Twitter) about how to best engage students, particularly our highest-need students, in rich STEM learning (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)


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I would like to establish myself as Lesbian Science & Medical writer. I would like to carve out a niche for myself. I would relish communicating about science, medicine, health and research to a lesbian audience. I would love to have the opportunity to enlighten and inspire young lesbian/bisexual/queer or transgendered women to be interested in science.

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The Playboy Mansion - West

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What a fascinating piece of pop culture and microbiological news! Talk about weird and rather cool.

Legionella, the bacterium that causes Legionnaires Disease, was found to be the causative agent of an illness contracted by guests attending a fund raising party at the Playboy Mansion in February. A hot tub was the predicted source of outbreak. About 120 people fell ill.

Interesting images come to mind. Playboy bunnies, celebrities, billionaire businessmen and a hot tub harbouring a nice culture of legionella. What an interesting amalgam of sex pop culture and epidemiology.

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