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Some more amazing and colourful plate fungi observed on a tree trunk.  



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I spotted some great specimens of plate fungi growing on a tree stump at my place of work (a large state university in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia).









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Over the last few weeks I have observed a pair of Stone Curlews (Burhinus grallarius) on my morning walk to work. The pair have been occupying a rocky area beneath some palm trees about 100 metres from the lake shore at the university I work at. I observed one of the pair sitting on the ground and thought it may have been sitting on an egg. However I observed both birds standing the next day which led me to think that they weren’t looking after an egg.

A few months back I had observed a pair of Stone Curlews a number of times in garden bed about 400m from the current observation point. Not long after large scale construction work began near the site. One morning I noticed the curlews standing behind the newly constructed fence. The birds must have been displaced. Given this,  I’m hoping the pair I’ve observed recently is the same pair and they have somewhere to settle.  

However, a day or two after writing the draft of this post. The pair had moved on from the lakeside location. Hopefully they have found somewhere else to settle.


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