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A fascinating article and photo gallery of female Nobel Prize Winners – Women Nobel Prize Winners: 16 Women Who Defied Odds To Win Science’s Top Award (PHOTOS)


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One of the science pages I follow on Facebook, Trust Me, I’m a “Biologist” shared this awesome picture the other day. I just love it. I’ve admired the ‘Rosie the Riveter’ motif / image since high school history. This picture uses this image and has replaced the wrench with a pipettor, an instrument used in chemistry and biological laboratories to measure and dispense small quantities of liquid such 1 or 100 microlitres. This picture speaks to me. Feminism, science, pride in being a scientist (specifically a biomedical scientist). Quite simply, cool.


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Lipstick On My Lab Coat

I am currently brainstorming an article about how Dana Scully from the X-Files was an inspiration for me (to be a scientist and a strong, intelligent woman). I have been doing some background reading of blog posts, webpages and a thesis on Scully, what she represented and how she inspired countless young female X-Files fans. Scully and the X-Files were big topics for online fan forums.

I too am a great fan of Detective Olivia Benson from Law and Order – Special Victims Unit. This strong female character also had a great influence on me (although it was less career focused and more a realisation of my sexuality (my fascination with Olivia set me on a path to discovering my lesbian sexuality)). There are many blog posts, websites and fanfic stories discussing Olivia being an inspiration for women and also a subject of lesbian desire.

I find it interesting that…

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On my drive to the train station this morning I was surprised to hear that Margaret Thatcher had passed away. I did not agree with her politics (in fact my political beliefs are on the opposite side of the political spectrum), but I do admire her as a pioneering woman in politics and as a female scientist. She was the first female prime minister of Great Britain and she was very tough and formidable leader and politician. She took the country to war in the Falklands. She was a trained chemist, and a lawyer, and a mother. For all my opposition to her politics, I still admire what she represented – women can succeed in politics and play a very active role in the governance of a country.

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I was thinking about Dana Scully this morning while getting ready for work, and what an inspiration she was to me when I was a teenager. I was reminiscing about my teenage years and my daily bus ride home from the coast to my home in a small town among rainforest on a mountain. And thinking about those times, Scully popped into my head. Her character on the X-Files inspired me to pursue science, and specifically forensic science (and forensic pathology) as a career. My career path took an alternative path and headed towards microbiology, research and now administration in scientific and university environments. But I still credit the figure of Scully – analytical, scientific and strong, for me being a scientist. And as a teenage girl who knew she didn’t look like and was not like everyone else, she was an inspiration – a pretty redhead who wore suits, carried a gun and used her intelligence and knowledge, and not her looks and sexuality, to succeed.


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Lipstick On My Lab Coat

Lesbian femme scientist pin-up girl from the I Heart Brooklyn Girls Calendar 2009. Awesome! Retro styled, femme woman presenting the sexy side of science. A bit of fun, not too serious. Could this be an image to use for getting lesbian women interested in science?

I Heart Brooklyn Girls

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Sexualisation of Lady Scientists – can it be positive?.

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