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Last friday morning while walking to work, I observed a flock of Little Black Cormorants flying, landing on the waters of the lake, and ducking and diving to find found. I counted approximately twenty birds. I have previously observed a flock of Little Black Cormorants on and around the lake area, and I wondered if this is the same flock.



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Over the last few weeks I have observed numerous specimens of Slime Mould on newly mulched flower beds. Most the specimens I observed were of a beige-brown colour, but some were the distinct bright yellow as described in fungal identification books and online.




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Lipstick On My Lab Coat

Following on from my post Femme Identity, I am curious to know the opinions of other lesbians (femme, butch and non-identified) about this gender identity and how this is perceived.

I have a very positive view. And I particularly admire when femme identified lesbians state that their gender identification has little to do with who they attracted to, but rather how they wish to express their sexuality. Personally I think the femme identity is empowered femininity, a form of femininity (expressed through feminine dress, hair and make-up) expressed along with a strong statement regarding sexuality, and an embracing of and power over their own body, image and sexuality, which is feminist.

I find the neo-burlesque and a neo-pin up movements expressions of empowered femininity. These are subcultures, lifestyles and fashions where modern women, feminist women, can embrace their femaleness and express their female (and lesbian) sexuality in a way…

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I was thinking about Dana Scully this morning while getting ready for work, and what an inspiration she was to me when I was a teenager. I was reminiscing about my teenage years and my daily bus ride home from the coast to my home in a small town among rainforest on a mountain. And thinking about those times, Scully popped into my head. Her character on the X-Files inspired me to pursue science, and specifically forensic science (and forensic pathology) as a career. My career path took an alternative path and headed towards microbiology, research and now administration in scientific and university environments. But I still credit the figure of Scully – analytical, scientific and strong, for me being a scientist. And as a teenage girl who knew she didn’t look like and was not like everyone else, she was an inspiration – a pretty redhead who wore suits, carried a gun and used her intelligence and knowledge, and not her looks and sexuality, to succeed.


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As an amateur fungi spotted I was thrilled to spot a myriad of different fungi last Friday, including a fungi I had been wishing to see for a long time – the red star shaped Aseroë rubra, a stinkhorn fungus. A picture of this species is on the back cover of A Field Guide to the Fungi of Australia by A. M. Young, which I borrowed from the university last year to help identify fungal species I has observed. I had thought, “how cool would it be if I could see a specimen of this species.” And last week, I had the opportunity to observe about four specimens in a flower bed at my work. When photographing the specimens and other fungi in the same flower bed, I noticed a strong unpleasant odour, likely to be from the fungi. I also observed flies on and around the specimen, presumably attracted by the foul smell.

Reference – Young, A. M. (2005) A Field Guide to the Fungi of Australia, University of New South Wales Press, Sydney, NSW, Australia











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See photos below for the fascinating fungi observed on the 7th March on my walk to work – these specimens were in a flower out the front of the building next to mine. Such delicate Chantelles. I will try and determine what species these are.





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A selection of fungi and mushrooms observed on my walk to work on March 6th, 2013. I think the Chantelles specimens and the delicate grey ribbed mushrooms/toadstools are quiet beautiful and delicate.












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A famous female atomic scientist. Injustice.


Lise Meitner is one of the most important experimentalists of the 20th century, and one of the classic examples of women in science being overlooked for their male colleagues. This is a brief summary of how she helped discover nuclear fission.

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Yesterday while photographing some red phallic shaped Stinkhorn fungi in a flower bed near my building at work, I also observed three specimens of the Earth Star fungus, Geastrum species, possibly Geastrum velutinum.



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Last weekend while photographing the two species of phallic shaped Stinkhorn fungi described in my post “Phallic shaped Stinkhorn fungi,” I also took photographs of other mushroom and fungal specimens amongst the flower beds and grass on the median strips (there was more than one harbouring fungi). I observed a variety of brown mushrooms, a number of delicate and chanterelle mushrooms and three puff balls.








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