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Lipstick On My Lab Coat

Lesbian femme scientist pin-up girl from the I Heart Brooklyn Girls Calendar 2009. Awesome! Retro styled, femme woman presenting the sexy side of science. A bit of fun, not too serious. Could this be an image to use for getting lesbian women interested in science?

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I don’t want to sound biased. A butch could also encourage lesbians’ interest in science. I just identify more with femme and lipstick lesbians – in my own identity and who I am attracted to. But that said, I do not define myself wholly as that – I AM MYSELF!

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Could a funky femme or lipstick lesbian with an interest in science or who is a scientist encourage an interest among lesbians for science?

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I’m a red lipstick wearing, pin-up girl loving alternative feminist, scientist and writer. I’m out and proud about my sexuality. I am engaged to my wonderful girlfriend of fours years. I love pin-up girls of the 1940’s & 1950’s, particularly the alluring mixture of beauty, subtle sexuality, femininity and confidence. I also admire burlesque (including retro style burlesque) and the Rockabilly culture. I like also the fashion and style of the 40’s & 50’s along with alternative fashion. I’m also a feminist who stands for many ideals including – equal rights, human & civil rights, animal rights, socialism, environmentalism & conservation, social justice, acceptance of all people, the end of war and violence and encouragement of scientific, health & medical research. Professionally I am a scientist and former research student (in medical/health research) and I aspire to become a fully fledged science, health and medical writer. My dream is to write about science for a female audience and specifically a lesbian/bisexual/queer/transgendered audience. In this blog I wish to explore being a lesbian scientist along with my other diverse interests.

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As an original and retro styled pin-up girl fan and a scientist, I think it would great to have scientist pin-up girls. Empowered, intelligent, lady scientists with retro styled fashion and make-up. Oh, red lipstick would look a treat with a crisp white lab coat and funky sneakers! As a sex positive feminist, lesbian and an empowered woman who is proud of her female and lesbian sexuality and her intellect and scientific abilities, I think this would be so fun, empowering and a chance to express science and sexuality. I’d promote this and join in. Maybe this would also help get a lesbian audience interested in science and the achievements of female scientists, all but in a kind of around about way. Bring on the retro styled lady scientist pin-ups!

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As a lesbian scientist I believe that lesbian, bisexual and queer female scientists need more visibility. There needs to be greater visibility of these professionals in the LGBQTI media and websites. Rarely do you read of lesbian scientists even more rarely of bisexual and transgendered scientists. If an increased visibility can encourage or positively affirm being a scientist as a career for young person of these sexualities it is a wonderful achievement.

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From the OSTEM entry in the Partnering for Excellence: Innovations in Science + Technology + Engineering + Math (STEM) Education  competition.

 “Out in Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (oSTEM), is a national student society that educates and develops lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and allied (LGBTQA) youth across the United States. Altogether, the oSTEM society is a sustainable infrastructure that creates co-curricular STEM opportunities at public and private universities across the country. As oSTEM grows, we plan to bring our programs to high schools and community centers. We provide students with resources, professional opportunities, and mentorships, and the national board encourages each chapter to focus on developing their local STEM communities. The growth of oSTEM depends on the national board and student leaders throughout the country. Everyone is welcome to participate and benefit from oSTEM.”

What a great organistation. There should be an organisation such as this in Australia.

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