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Lipstick On My Lab Coat

Lesbian femme scientist pin-up girl from the I Heart Brooklyn Girls Calendar 2009. Awesome! Retro styled, femme woman presenting the sexy side of science. A bit of fun, not too serious. Could this be an image to use for getting lesbian women interested in science?

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I have been reading the website of the National Organisation for Gay & Lesbian Scientists and Technical Professionals (NOGLSTP) and found this article very interesting.

I have a passion for history and the stories of people from different eras (especially the 1940’s & 50’s and the 18th & early 19th century) and along with my interest in the lives and careers of queer scientists I was enthralled.

If you are interested in the lives, stories and accomplishments of queer scientists, check out this page by NOGLSTP – http://www.noglstp.org/?page_id=13

With advances in gay rights, anti-discrimination and acceptance of individuals of all sexual persuasions, and the opportunities to tell your story over the web, in years to the stories of queer scientists of the 21st century will surely be well-known!

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