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Australian science show Catalyst (on theAustralian Broadcasting Corporation network) is showing a story tonight about the tropical bacterial disease, Meliodosis, caused by the bacterium Bulkholderia psuedomallei. The bacteria live in soli and water and can cause pneumonia and systemic infections. Actually the university where I undertook research towards my Masters of Philosophy had a research group that was looking into the pathogenesis of Bulkholderia.

Check out the link for the transcript – http://www.abc.net.au/catalyst/stories/3623445.htm

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Microbiology, bacteriology, mycology. Three terms – meaning the ‘study of microbes, bacteria and fungi’, that absolutely fascinate me. I like to think of myself as a microbiologist, although I’m not formally qualified. I’ve been trained and have knowledge acquired through MPhil/PhD study. Years ago I aspired to be a microbiologist or a bacteriologist or a molecular microbiologist and even an infectious diseases epidemiologist. And I also had a sideline interest in mycology – fungi. I think bacteria and fungi are fascinating organisms – complex, highly organised, functional and essential to life & inorganic processes. Bacteria – microscopic in size, but capable of causing devastating and deadly disease, breaking down environmental waste and helping humans and other animals digest food. And fungi – micro and macroscopic, capable of causing disease too, but also essential for processes such as fermentation and decomposition. In short, I am fascinated!

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The Playboy Mansion - West

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What a fascinating piece of pop culture and microbiological news! Talk about weird and rather cool.

Legionella, the bacterium that causes Legionnaires Disease, was found to be the causative agent of an illness contracted by guests attending a fund raising party at the Playboy Mansion in February. A hot tub was the predicted source of outbreak. About 120 people fell ill.

Interesting images come to mind. Playboy bunnies, celebrities, billionaire businessmen and a hot tub harbouring a nice culture of legionella. What an interesting amalgam of sex pop culture and epidemiology.

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