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I’m not jumping on the bandwagon of the pop culture fascination with lesbian and bisexual women. I am a lesbian myself and I am also a microbiologist.  And I am interested in whether there are other female microbiologists out there that identify as lesbian, queer or bisexual.

While doing my postgrad studies, I had a good friend who worked in the same micro lab that I did and she too was gay. So I’m assuming that we aren’t the only one in the whole world.

If you a microbiologist with an inclination towards the “fairer” sex then please leave a comment. I am interested! And I want to tell our stories.


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As a microbiologist and a lady in love with another lady I am intrigued as to how many other lesbian / queer / gay microbiologists there are out there. 

I would be very interested in hearing your stories and also what field of microbiology you have specialised in.

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