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Lipstick On My Lab Coat

Lesbian femme scientist pin-up girl from the I Heart Brooklyn Girls Calendar 2009. Awesome! Retro styled, femme woman presenting the sexy side of science. A bit of fun, not too serious. Could this be an image to use for getting lesbian women interested in science?

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What would the ideal Lesbian role models look like? They would be diverse to reflect the diversity of lesbian women. They would have to encompass bisexual, queer and transgendered woman. Also the different identities some lesbian/bi/queer women identify with such as femme, butch, lipstick etc

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Where are the lesbian scientist role models? We never hear in mainstream lesbian media about the achievements of lesbian and queer female scientists, medical researchers, doctors, engineers and technicians. Bring on the positive queer science role models!! Young queer women out there could benefit from hearing the stories of lesbian and queer scientists and other technological or health related professions.

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